The process of fertilization of the important agriculture operations needed by the plant ,whether ornamental trees or vegetable or other plant to be given growth and production required from thr period and according to specific dates to give the best results.

We develop periodic tables ,specially the process of fertilization of plants in the garden and also planted a hydroponic systems and formed on the roofs to be given growth and productive desired.

We carefully care for plants in your garden ,taking care of dates of irrigation and fertilize necessary for we using best organic fertilizer (compost) free of any harmful ,chemical materials and completely free the weeds that affect the growth  plants  planted in your garden and safe on public health and inexpensive by chemical pollution harmful to the environment ,humans and plant alike .

Weed control

One of the most dangerous things that face plants in gardens is the presence of weeds harmful to absorption  of food damage of plants and therefore was and must be completely eliminated.

Therefore ,we have development periodic tables , especially the process of control weeds  through mechanical control (manual) or continuous spaying process and also using organic fertilizer free from seeda of weeds and we using seeds and seedling high quality.